Day and Night for Security Cameras

Infrared is used for most security cameras. Day and night cameras have infrared LEDs that emit infrared light that only the camera can see. When it comes to day/night cameras range is everything. Cheap cameras will have weak LEDs that only emit a short light waves or that may have a lens/detector that can pick-up all of the infrared light being emitted. If you actually would like to see what is happening at night you will need to purchase a high-quality camera. Cameras that you purchase from your local electronics store are usually not of high-quality and will lack the LED strength or camera quality.  

What are High Definition Security Cameras?

Images resolution that are 1080x720 are considered HD (high definition). In the video surveillance world there is analog high definition and digital high definition. Analog are usually older cameras that use coaxial cable and Digital cameras are IP or network based. 960H DVRs and cameras are at a resolution of 960x480 and technically do not belong the high definition category but often marketed as HD. True HD cameras start at 2MP and up. Do not be mistaken IP high definition camera provide resolution and image quality when compared to analog HD cameras.

IP Based Security Cameras - Only the best will do!

IP Based digital cameras for security needs – Ip cameras allow for much more flexibility when compared to the analog counterpart. IP cameras simply need internet access to function properly. IP Cameras provide I higher resolution picture. Not all IP cameras are made the same. If you want quality cameras the price does make a huge difference. Axis, Bosch and Panasonic make the best IP cameras. Any other brands are cheaper in quality. Cities and Enterprises use these bands because they are of the highest quality. Avante Technologies installs only the highest quality cameras. Avante Technologies is the best video surveillance installer in Los Angeles area. Avante Technologies provides the best customer service in the video surveillance industry. Los Angeles’ best video surveillance installer is Avante Technologies.

VoIP Issues: Know the problem to beat the problem

When speaking into an IP-enabled phone, your voice is converted into packets of data that get sent across your network to the person on the other end of the call. Your network connection – local data network and Internet – is essentially a freeway across which your voice packets travel to their destination. If those packets arrive at their end point safely and on time, then your voice conversation will be clear. If they don’t, that means any or all of three things are happening:  

Packet Loss – When a large amount of traffic on the network causes dropped packets, that’s packet loss, which results in extraneous noise on the call, a delay in receiving the voice communication and even dropped calls.  

Latency – Latency, delays in delivering packets, does not affect the quality of the delivered audio, but it negatively impacts a conversation between users. With a 100ms delay, for example, callers’ voices overlap each other. With a 300ms delay, the conversation becomes impossible to follow.  

Jitter – When certain packets of information arrive out of order and the conversation becomes jumbled, you’ve got jitter. If jitter is creating a delay of more than 50ms, your call quality will degrade massively, resulting in choppy voice or temporary glitches. 

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Camera Systm Projects and Consultations  

Avante Technology installs and maintains enterprise level camera systems. Avante Technology is the best for consulting, proposing and installing camera systems for small companies, large companies and municipalities. Navigating the process of preparing RFPs and RFIs and be difficult but our experts will make the process easy. Video Surveillance installations require a consultant and installer that is knowledgeable in CCTV design, camera specification, connectivity requirements, network, WiFi, low voltage (cabling), surveillance camera construction and video camera installation rollout processes. Avante Technologies is a one stop shop for the advisement and Implementation for your video and camera system projects.  

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Business Phone Systems and the Questions

Avante Technologies works with many phone system manufacturers including, Avaya, Panasonic, Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, Yealink and ESI. Phone systems and servers have many similarities and differences. Although many systems/servers can usually accomplish the same goals, each system/server was built for a specific type of working environment. For the customer this means the wrong decision can cost big when deploying new features. Was your phone server designed for your type of working environment? Avante Technologies can answer any questions you may have.

Do you? … The right phones system? Does Panasonic have the best phone system for residences? Should I go with Avaya for a call center? What are the pros and cons of hosted phones? What is the difference between digital and analog phones? What is better a phone server or system? Is internet phone service Reliable? Is VoIP the way to go for phone service? What are analog phone lines? Why do I have static on my phone lines?  

Choosing the Right Phone Solution with Avante Technologies

Avante Technologies supports and services all types of business phone platforms. These platforms include phone systems, phone servers, cloud and hosted communications. The reason for our continued investment in versatility is because we work with many customer types and no one voice product is right for every customer. Whether you company that does call center, basic office, law office, garage, warehouse, mobile office, remote office, creative space of another type there is a correct communication platform for you.   

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