Fiber Optics Color Code

There is an industry color code standards for fibers optics as laid out by the Fiber Optics Association, Inc. This helps low voltage contractors and network engineers figure out which type of fibers, cables and connectors they are using. There are many types of fiber optic cables including varities of: multimode 50/125, multimode 62.5/125 and singlemode fibers. The color code helps project managers ensure that the projects are done correctly. It also helps with additions and changes in the future. As mentioned before communication fiber optics have 3 main components: the fiber, the cable and the connector. Below is a brief overview of the color codes.

Black Cable – outdoor fiber optics fiber

Yellow Cable – indoor single mode fiber

Orange, Aqua Slate and Green Cable – indoor Multimode fiber

Beige, Black and Aqua connector – multimode connector

Blue and Green Connector – singlemode connector