Covert Cameras and their Advantages

Covert surveillance equipment serves an important role in security. Although a traditional security camera system is the basis of achieving the peace of mind security provides, these systems aren’t always enough or appropriate. There are many scenarios where a conspicuous security camera placement will only deter people from doing inappropriate things in the areas they know they are being monitored.

Covert surveillance equipment, on the other hand, gives businesses the added ability to maintain surveillance inconspicuously. Covert security cameras are hidden from plain view and are often used to supplement traditional security camera systems. Here are a few scenarios where hidden cameras are commonly used.

  • Discreetly monitoring a nanny or babysitter

  • Capturing evidence of theft by friends, family, or roommates

  • Confirming and preventing employee theft

  • Identifying theft by workers or contractors

  • Confirming suspected drug use

  • Capturing destructive animal behavior

  • Recording acts of vandalism

  • Enhancing current security camera systems